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Evite has several groundbreaking advantages over other platform. Being part of the Evite community is not about the money. It’s about building your own brand and business. It is about the freedom to create what you want. 


Produce high-quality design template for our customers to purchase


Upload your content with our easy-to-use platform, and get tips for success.

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Why Ekad is More Profitable?

RM 10
Author Royalty
  • 5% Additional Sale Commissions
  • Free Mockup Images
  • Co-authorship system
  • Sales Reward
  • Training and Tutoring
  • Creative Network by Kakifoto

Let us help you grow your business by becoming one of our members!

You will be paid RM10.00 royalty and 5% sales commission every time your content is purchased by our customers. 

For an example, if we manage to sell your design for RM80.00, you will get:

RM10.00 royalty + RM4.00 (5% of RM80.00) = RM14.00 (17.5%)

There are several occasions we can use discount coupon to promote sales, for an example, we are selling your design for RM40.00, you will get:

RM10.00 royalty + RM2.00 (5% of RM40.00) = RM12.00 (30%)

What happens when we give away free design to our customer? you will get;

RM10.00 royalty without sales commission.


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